Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on the earth and i

back in the swing. life is beginning to resemble normal again. no more getting kicked in the boys for me for a while i hope.

new work coming soon. relief prints in the hot rod world, resembling drag racing posters of bygone days...monotypes in the style of general gow himself reflecting on the sucky suckfest of divorce and seperation and the impact of all that on kids and having to admit to yourself and your kids that in some way you are a frickin' failure...but it makes for some trippy art, don't it?

...made it to the final round in contest for a solo show at white box. keep your digits crossed for me homies...

also working on a solo gig in the RI for the spring. and a group show there too with my ink monkey bros and sisses...all the cool kids are hangin' there ya know.

had some stuff in a show at school this fall too. always well organized and tragically underattended. we need to do something about the attendance of these school events at the akilian. think out loud about this with me will ya?

killer new pad, if you havent seen it yet, hit me up for an invite and we'll knock back a couple IBCs. my studio there rocks, and i have cellar space for an acid bath for etching. sadly, no space for setting things on fire. much to linda's chagrin.

have i mentioned that my 'roommate' rocks? she's a ruler.

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