Friday, May 12, 2006

the old ends and the new begins

well, the semester is finally over. it couldn't have come at a better time. i think that i produced some pretty good work, at least my final crit went well. i could be extremely critical of my pieces, but if i project a little perspective into the situation, i realize that my critical attitude toward my own work is probably due to fatigue.

anyway, now that school is over, i can take precisely one day to enjoy the lack of responsibility. then i must begin to plan the party. the collective is hosting our second show, the art party, saturday night june 17th from 7 to 10. at the same venue as before, it will mostly feature the work that we created over the course of this spring semester at massasoit. charlie, karen, and i all took the same printmaking seminar, and came away with amazingly different results. we have also invited another artist from easton, erin davis. we met erin seriptiously in the printmaking seminar. with a couple shows under my belt, i think that i can relax a bit and enjoy this one a little more than the one last fall. i hope you all can make it. i will send invititaions out to as many as i can to remind you. i think we'll be a bit old fashioned, and go potluck, get our friends and family to make a few dishes. maybe charlie can lean on his sources for some nice wine...

so june 17th 7 to 10 pm. be there. look for a flyer or a post card soon. also check back for a preview or two of the work that will be exhibited.