Thursday, October 11, 2007

the new me

gonna try to post something most every day, and lest you worry that it will be useless drivel (certainly not from me), i give you this from the whitney museum's faq section;

"Can I submit materials for consideration for the 2008 Biennial?

Unfortunately, no. The Whitney Biennial is not a juried exhibition, and, therefore, there is no submission process."

see i decided to get all bold and cocky like most artists and just start submitting my work to any place that is worthy of it, and see what kind of shows i can get into. i am convinced that is how it happens, you have to be a cocky SOB with a smile,' of course my stuff rocks. i made it. all the cool kids think it's fright, you should represent me, holmes. if you pass, you're gonna kick your own teeth in someday soon for missing out.' or something like that.

anyway, if you make good stuff, start shoving it down people's throats. it's the only way they will ever know you made it.

which leads me to wonder, how do the curators for the biennial choose the work to include? it's not who you know, it's who you...

or something like that.

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