Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hot rod posters

i decided that i wanted the newest series of linocuts to be reminiscent of drag racing posters in the northeast in the 50s and 60s. i wanted them to be graphically strong, and i wanted them to include text. i also wanted the text to be done in the pronto plate lithography method as an experiment of its effectiveness.
this is the first completed proof in what will be an edition of 20 with 5 artist proofs. the 5 proofs already have homes, so you can forget about that (haha). the edition should be ready for sale and shipping in a week.
i love it when a plan comes together.
i know the images i will use for the next one, but i am struggling with colors. i am thinking red and yellow with black text, but i'm not sure. maybe the subject will tell me...

is it just a hoax?

it might be a new brand. it might be a social experiment of monumental proportions. it might just be the best commentary on conspicuous consumption in a long time...

hoax. it's nothing. really.

Friday, October 19, 2007

who doesn't like cupcakes

well, when you have to wait in line for 72,000 hours, and they charge you 50 bucks for one, you'd think people would complain.

instead, folks wait overnight for 20 minutes in the store to get their hands on a new release, and maybe a slice of pizza. insane. and of course, yes, that is me in the pic, and yes i did spend 50 bucks for a t-shirt. no, it wasn't for me. it was for my partner in crime, that snazzy lookin' chick with the funky hat; none other than k-dog herself. she is such a fashion addict, and i am her pusher...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the best part of a field trip to nyc, with art in the chelsea galleries that made me sure humanity was indeed in a handbasket to hell? sushi from dean and deluca eaten in central park, no doubt.


i am full of so many good ideas. i love this little creative explosion. i just hope i can do them justice.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i'm gonna be rich

well, i did get my 'million dollar idea' but i'm not sure a million bucks makes you rich anymore.

just stay tuned for the launch of the new brand of the century. and once you see it, if you have to ask...

new print in the works

so i finally finished carving the plate for the first in the 'vintage drags' series, and i am thinking it came out pretty darn good. it is 2 color, using the puzzle plate method, which allows more than one color with only carving one plate. just the thing for a guy who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

i pulled 2 proofs monday. one on white paper, the other on the cream-ish paper that i will use for the edition. i now have to get the text ready to go. i will be using the 'pronto plate' method. i just might have to do a tech piece on that. it's a super cool little technique with all kinds of possibilities.

no pics til the edition is done. sorry, you'll just have to wait.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

the new me

gonna try to post something most every day, and lest you worry that it will be useless drivel (certainly not from me), i give you this from the whitney museum's faq section;

"Can I submit materials for consideration for the 2008 Biennial?

Unfortunately, no. The Whitney Biennial is not a juried exhibition, and, therefore, there is no submission process."

see i decided to get all bold and cocky like most artists and just start submitting my work to any place that is worthy of it, and see what kind of shows i can get into. i am convinced that is how it happens, you have to be a cocky SOB with a smile,' of course my stuff rocks. i made it. all the cool kids think it's fright, you should represent me, holmes. if you pass, you're gonna kick your own teeth in someday soon for missing out.' or something like that.

anyway, if you make good stuff, start shoving it down people's throats. it's the only way they will ever know you made it.

which leads me to wonder, how do the curators for the biennial choose the work to include? it's not who you know, it's who you...

or something like that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

all stories are love stories

you MUST read eureka street, a great novel with the best opening sentence ever...

on the earth and i

back in the swing. life is beginning to resemble normal again. no more getting kicked in the boys for me for a while i hope.

new work coming soon. relief prints in the hot rod world, resembling drag racing posters of bygone days...monotypes in the style of general gow himself reflecting on the sucky suckfest of divorce and seperation and the impact of all that on kids and having to admit to yourself and your kids that in some way you are a frickin' failure...but it makes for some trippy art, don't it?

...made it to the final round in contest for a solo show at white box. keep your digits crossed for me homies...

also working on a solo gig in the RI for the spring. and a group show there too with my ink monkey bros and sisses...all the cool kids are hangin' there ya know.

had some stuff in a show at school this fall too. always well organized and tragically underattended. we need to do something about the attendance of these school events at the akilian. think out loud about this with me will ya?

killer new pad, if you havent seen it yet, hit me up for an invite and we'll knock back a couple IBCs. my studio there rocks, and i have cellar space for an acid bath for etching. sadly, no space for setting things on fire. much to linda's chagrin.

have i mentioned that my 'roommate' rocks? she's a ruler.