Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Art Show Update

As with most things in life, art is ever changing. Many times, what you have planned is the farthest thing from what actually happens. Remember when I told you that our show would be all about works inspired from spending time in the great outdoors? Ya, well, no. Didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, we've been pretty busy. It's just that things didn't go according to plan. Sometimes you get better art that way anyway.

I'm pretty happy with the stuff I have been working on, and the others have turned out some really cool stuff too. So there will be plenty to see.

We did make one concrete decision that will become reality. We are going to have FUN with this event and not let it stress us out. We want to have a party for our family, friends, and community and just enjoy ourselves and our time with you. So to this end, we have decided to have the show only for one day, Sunday October 9th from 3 until 6pm. We will serve some great refreshments, and open up the gallery to spend some time with you. I really hope you can make it. See the flyer elsewhere on this site for specifics. If you need directions, visit www.nrtofeaston.org to get you there.