Tuesday, November 20, 2007

so, what's the point?

does pain make us wiser? or does it just make us hurt?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it's a locke

there is a local artist named steve locke. he does some interesting things with mail art. he also does some interesting things with large grid paintings. but i think the most important work he does is carrying on the legacy of his mother. she is quoted as saying to him in a cleveland museum, "i think God made the artist because there are things He wants him to see." i like the notion of that.

Monday, November 12, 2007

i hate it when she's right.

you know, sometimes you like to operate under the blissfully ignorant assumption that you can do everything. the unfortunate truth is that there just isnt enough time in the day to get everything done that rattles around in my head. and prof. dunn is right. you have to concentrate on the one thing, and get it done.

so which 'one thing' do i give my attention now?

uggh. it would be so much easier without the need for employment or for sleep. then i could get so much more done.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


i got a little local exposure by being featured on this website:


hopefully it'll do some good. maybe i'll get a relief print commision from it or something.

Friday, November 02, 2007

holy sheep!

i have been so busy, i haven't even had a chance to think about what to write here. but i can tell you that i have been searching all over this electronic landscape of ours looking for opportunities to break through. according to the most prevelent definition of the term 'emerging artist' it defines this particular person as 26-31, probably in grad school, making good work, and likely has many years of even better work ahead of them. apparently, many collectors stick to this definition rather like crazy glue. they get all paranoid about collecting work from a particluar artist who may have more time on this planet behind them than ahead, thinking that they will have time to amass a large bit of their work for cheap money and cash in later. wouldn't you rather cash in on some old guy making brilliant stuff that no one has ever seen, get it for cheap, and cash in quicker once he kicks the bucket? or, what if the young artist gets hit by a bus on his way to drop off your new piece? it'll never be worth more than a couple bucks, because he never made a name for himself. i think i am going to have to start lying about my age. or maybe collectors could just start buying art they like and making their own decisions based on their own aesthetic. i know i have my best work ahead of me, but i am definitely older than 31, and i haven't even got to grad school yet. it seems i am done before i even started. in the art world, you would think there would be plenty of room for non conformity and individualism; room to respect people for telling their life experiences through their art whenever they have the opportunity to. but it seems to me that it is the narrowest of narrow roads to travel.

that is really irritating. i will continue to plug along, and not let the naysaying idiots ruin my day; i know that i have good things to say through my work. but good grief, when are people going to start to think for themselves?

baaah, baaaah, baaaaaah...