Friday, November 24, 2006

so, this one is untitled for now, but it's done.

i don't quite know what to call this one yet, but it's part of the story for sure. i'm not sure how it fits in yet, i haven't even decided what it means to me. hot off the press i guess.


detail 1

detail 2

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

greek women sure were strong

in greek architecture, a caryatid is a sculpted column formed to look like a woman in some rather uncomfortable position, and to me, i thought this one needed a break.

'the caryatid rests'

linocut from relief class

here's the first print from relief printing class this fall.
single color linocut with 3 color chine colle.

'of life and the knowledge of good and evil'

in progress

i've been experimenting with a new technique for photographic printmaking, and this is an example. still in progress, it needs a couple details worked out. the photo images are printed by making a plate from a specially treated velum that is used to put a photocopy onto. then you use a rubberized ink to print with. the funniest part is that you need to treat the plate with toothpaste and water in order for the non pigmented areas to resist the ink. crazy, and i love it.

into thy hands...

a tear in the fabric

a tear in the fabric

sometimes i just see stuff in my head and i have to get it onto paper before i go nuts. i could tell you what this one is about, but i'd be making it up.

fabric; detail

fabric; detail

i'm just a dreamboat, i guess.

echo; detail

lately, the free form side of me has been winning and i have been experimenting a bit with drawings over monotype backgrounds. as i make the backgrounds, i try to concentrate on what i am thinking about or feeling inside, i want the way that the ink flows across the plate to reflect what's going on with me. then, as they dry, i just sit back and look. the background pretty much tells me what to make from it. then i dive in with pen, pencil, paint, and marker, and get results that i am relatively happy with.

i wish i could articulate my process a little better. but if i could write well, i wouldn't need to make these pictures. i have 2 completed, one on the easel right now, and about 8 or 10 more in my head. this one is called 'echo' and probably has something to do with self image and the delicate balance of the world, or something like that.


echo; detail

echo; detail

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

gorilla marketing

i have been thinking about a marketing scheme to promote my art in a bit of a semi legal guerilla type fashion, but i am also rethinking the general gow pseudonym as an identity for myself. anyway, i like the images, but i am not sure of the identity. here they are for now. this blog is a mess, really disorganized, and in no particular order. but i figure it is best to have it down on 'paper' in any case.

Friday, November 03, 2006

heart, mind, and soul

for my first show, i wanted to create a work about the fragility of the connection between two people and the effort it takes to make it all work. this series of seven drypoint etchings is what i came up with. not as 'mature' as my newer work, it definitely reveals a good bit of compositional simplicity, but the naivete reveals something real about what was going on with me at the time. i made these in the fall of 2005, about a year ago.

your heart

your mind

your soul

in our next life, love me this way

my soul

my mind

my heart

Thursday, November 02, 2006

blast from the past

i did a little experimentation with drypoint etching on plexiglas a couple semesters ago, and i liked the way i could essentially draw on the plate to get a very natural line. i will be taking an in depth intaglio class next semester and working with this technique among others, hopefully using copper plate to get softer, more predictable lines, and better results. here are a few random prints. to follow is a group that i did as a series of 7.

christmas nap

i am not ashamed

one man's work^