Wednesday, February 27, 2008

make art and stay away from the computer

so i 'met' this guy named abraham a while ago. i say 'met' because i have never actually seen him in person, or heard his voice. but i did answer a classified ad he placed looking for artists to apply for spots in a show. he answered me, and we have been exchanging emails for about 6 weeks. he digs my new stuff, the monotypes of despair...and we are working on putting together a show to include me and a few others in nyc. possibly one in beijing too. so we shall see. it might be the beginning of something.

i bring it up now to let all 3 people who read this know that i will probably be spending a little more time here as i make art, then upload it here for abraham to view. he hasn't asked me to be accountable to him, but it seems like a good motivator in some ways. so i am doing it this way to be accountable but leave him off the hook. and to say that while i may be posting here more often, i will hopefully be doing less of the hanging-out-on-the-computer-wasting-time junk.

i just finished another piece that i'll have up here in a day or so. and i have several more on the easels as we speak.

fingers crossed...

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