Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i'm just a dreamboat, i guess.

echo; detail

lately, the free form side of me has been winning and i have been experimenting a bit with drawings over monotype backgrounds. as i make the backgrounds, i try to concentrate on what i am thinking about or feeling inside, i want the way that the ink flows across the plate to reflect what's going on with me. then, as they dry, i just sit back and look. the background pretty much tells me what to make from it. then i dive in with pen, pencil, paint, and marker, and get results that i am relatively happy with.

i wish i could articulate my process a little better. but if i could write well, i wouldn't need to make these pictures. i have 2 completed, one on the easel right now, and about 8 or 10 more in my head. this one is called 'echo' and probably has something to do with self image and the delicate balance of the world, or something like that.


echo; detail

echo; detail

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